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Hey Marketers, 

My name is Paul, and I’m going to come right out and say it - I’m an okay copywriter, but I hate hype and I'm not always too you won’t be getting anything fancy or neat looking here. No big flashing graphics, pictures of me with a Ferrari, or talking cartoons.
I’m just a guy who has something of value that I think could help the members of this community, and I’ve decided to share it.
So, what I’m going to do is tell you a little about me, what I’ve done, why I’ve done it, and what I have to offer. If you like what you hear - GREAT! If not, that's fine too as long as we can still be friends.
I’m also not going to be making any kind of crazy income claims or anything like that. I’ve done what I’ve done, which is build a business that pays me around a few thousands dollars per month. You could do better than that or worse. I have no idea.
What I do know is that this was the first thing, after years of trying, that got me any real results. The people I've shared it with so far have loved it as well. If we can do it so can you!

I Didn’t Get Into Internet Marketing By Choice - I Had No Other Options!

I’m not very skilled at this whole Internet thing, but somehow I made it work (more on that later).

I really didn’t have a choice.

A few years back, I was in a little bit of a tough spot with no real income opportunities to make ends meet. I needed cash fast and to pump some much needed oxygen into my struggling business.

Thankfully, I was still able to support my family, but they had no idea how much stress I was under. Something had to give. Work was scarce and caring for my family was my number 1 priority…
So this whole internet thing Had To Work!
I started searching online for answers and ended up on the Warrior Forum. Like many of you, I bought plenty of WSOs. I also bought some Udemy courses, listened to Podcasts, and read books.
And, believe it or not, I was actually doing what I was learning. And not just for a day or two. I would buy a product, learn the system and WORK IT for Months!

That’s why it always drove me crazy when product creators told me that it was my fault because I wasn’t “taking action.” BS! I was doing it more than they were!
I went through the gamut just like many of you have…
I tried traditional list building - It sucked!

I tried Facebook Ads with money I didn’t have - Lost it all!
I tried SEO - It was terrible! 
I tried every offline marketing thing you could think of - Nobody bought anything!

Nothing Was Working And Time Was Running Out!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I opened my inbox to see another email from another product creator telling me that “this was the one.” And like usual, I bought.

The product was about using other people's audiences to produce an income. I’m not talking about traditional “affiliate marketing” or “JV partnering.” I don’t have much experience in that. What I’m talking about here is completely different. 

To my surprise it actually worked. After watching the first training and actually Doing Something, I was able to start seeing traffic and leads flow in.
Pretty Awesome - but one problem…
The traffic and leads was for “Offline” stuff and I didn’t want to get into the “consulting” game.
I knew I was on to something pretty solid, but I had no idea how to use any of the traffic and leads I was getting from this little method I was running.
So I did the only thing that seemed logical at the time - I just kept using the model and collecting the traffic and leads.
I needed to make sure that I didn’t just get lucky!

Before I knew it I was about to basically “take over” someone else’s entire audience in just a few short hours.

Now, obviously, I was doing this in an ethical and moral way. Borrowing is probably a better way to put it!

Then It Hit Me - I Could ‘Borrow’ These Audiences From
Other People And ‘Use’ Them To Promote Whatever I Want.

This was totally one of those “Holy Crap I Got It” moments.

I was focused on finding audiences for offline stuff...That’s what I was taught.
It worked perfectly but I didn’t want anything to do with consulting, so why not just ‘use’ the audiences to promote online offers?

I knew that if I matched the audience with a perfect offer, I’d kill it.

And I Knew I Could Do It Over And Over Again For Any Niche With Any Offer as long as I could connect with the influencers that had the audience.

So, again, back to logic - I did the only thing that made sense…

I Wrote Them One Simple Message
Telling Them Exactly What I Had To Offer

Believe me. I get it. I’ve been through it, too.

I've bought just as many “Magic Email Marketing” systems as you have. Maybe even more…

But the message I wrote worked! And, I’m no marketing expert, but I think it worked because of just that reason.

I didn’t get crazy with “copywriting.” I didn’t think too much about the psychology of the words. I didn’t even really try to sell them anything.

I just told them my name, what I had, what it would do for them and how they could get it.

Obviously not everyone took me up on my offer, but quite a few did…

I Managed To Bring In A Few Thousand Dollars
From The FIRST BATCH Of Messages I Sent Out

And that was just from a few promotions.

Don’t quote me on this...but if I had to guess, with messaging time included, it took me probably a total of 6 hours worth of real work time…

That’s me putting together offers, finding influencers, sending the messages, doing the promotion, and collecting the money!

And that was just the first time I did it.

This Won’t Make You Millions Overnight (nothing will),
But If You’re Looking For Something That Is Simple, Profitable Right Away
And Produces Consistent $100+ Days, This Is For YOU!

And growth is not a problem either because there are millions of influencers out there that would LOVE what I offer…

Because I Offer Them MONEY! That’s one of the coolest thing about this process. The influencer gets paid as well, so they almost always say YES!

I also stroke their ego a bit. What I’ve found is that these influencers love to be number 1 just for the sake of sticking it to their competition. I use that to win me more deals, and it works like crazy.

Remember, nothing will work if you buy something and just let it sit on your hard drive. You have to do it…

But with this - If you do it THEY (the checks) Will Come!

"SP Influencer 2.0"

Here's What You're Going To Get...

  • The Big 3 - How to choose a killer niche that’s filled with both Influencers with Audiences and High Converting Offers
  • How I (Legally) “Borrow” Audiences That Are Already Created And 'Use' Them For HUGE Profits!
  • The Simple Way To Match An Influencer's Audience With A KILLER Offer That Will Convert Like Crazy
  • How To Set Up A Simple Sales Funnel In Under An Hour That Forces The Influencer's Traffic To Pay You Every Step Of The Way!
  • The Exact Message I Use To Get Influencers To Promote For Me
  • Where To Find YouTube Influencers Begging To Promote Offers Like The Ones I Teach You To Create
  • Video Scripts To Give Influencers That Help Them Create High-Converting Presell Videos For Promoting Your Offer
  • A Checklist With Every Video Module To Keep You On Track
  • All Of The Slides So You Know Exactly What To Do and When To Do It
  • An 'Over The Shoulder' Look At How It's Done So You Can 'Point and Click' As I 'Point and Click'
  • And MUCH More...

And Of Course...There's Bonuses :-)


BONUS #1 - Sales Psychology Masterclass


Learn The Psychology Of Selling From One Of The Top Sales And Negotiation Specialists In The World! Selling For $297 NOW! (90 Minute Video)

BONUS #2 - The Numbers Behind The Sales Funnel


One Of The Top Warrior Plus Vendors and 7 Figure Marketer walks you through how he creates sales funnels that bring in 6 figures per month on complete autopilot. $97 Value (1 Hr. Video)

BONUS #3 - 50K In 4 Days Case Study


Watch as we walk you through how we made over $50,000 in under 4 Days with no list, no affiliates and a simple little product that took under a day to create! $197 Value (1 Hr. Video)


It’s Your Turn To Get In At A BIG DISCOUNT…

Why You Need To Get This RIGHT NOW…

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  • This is a straight-to-the-point, no BS process that simply works.
  • You'll also get a FREE Live Q&A Session so you can get the help you deserve.
  • This WILL BE The Last Training You'll Ever Have To Buy!
  • There’s no risk and no reason to wait!

You Have No Risk
With My 30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee...

If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll get you a refund of your investment today.

I'm willing to take on ALL of the risk because I know this training and the case study will change your life and make you a lot of money.

The only way you can lose is by not getting your hands on this right now.

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Would An Extra $2,000 In The Next Few Days Change Your Life?

Seriously, think about it. If you put an extra $2,000 in the next week with just a few hours of your time required, would that help you out?

More importantly, what if you learned a repeatable system that allowed you to not only scale that $2,000 to whatever you wanted but also allowed you to repeat the process as often as you'd like???

$2,000 is a nice chunk of change, and you can do a lot with money like this…

  • Take a vacation
  • Get rid of some bills
  • Down Payment for a new car
  • Save For Retirement

This Is Just The Beginning…

Now you have a decision to make.

You can either follow the car renting theory pushers that promise you the world and deliver you nothing...

You've been there and done that as have we.

If you're ready to start building a business that not only makes you money but is also something you can be proud to call your own, welcome and lets get started!

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I'll see you inside the training!

Paul Favors

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